Mary Elizabeth Everage was born in Knott County, Kentucky on September 16, 1948, to the late George and
Dorothy Everage.  She passed from this life on October 11, 2002.  She is survived by one sister, Marie Everage
of Austin, Indiana and two brothers, James Everage of Scottsburg, Indiana and Billy Everage of Austin, Indiana.  
A host of nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and relatives also mourn her passing.

   Mary joined the Little Bethlehem Church of Regular Baptist on March 1, 1987.  By joining the Little Bethlehem
Church and being baptized, she “answered a good conscious toward God.”  She wanted the world to know that
she was “a child of the King”.  Mary felt that God had answered her cries for mercy and had filled her with a hope
for Heaven.  Her faith became reality on October 11, 2003.  As she answered the call to “Come away, my love,
my dove, come away”, her soul was carried by the angels to rest under the alter of God until soul and body
reunite on that final day.  Mary was a faithful member who loved and supported her church.  She is greatly missed
by her brothers and sisters of the Little Bethlehem Church.

   Mary was a very quiet and simple person but she was unashamed to show her love for others.  Her abundant
love was returned by family members and all those who knew her.  Her passing has left a great void in our lives.  
However, the pain of death is overshadowed by the joy and the hope that we can all meet again around the throne
of God.  Rest on, Sister Mary, we will join you someday.

                                                   Elder Don Pratt
Mary Elizabeth Everage