It is with a sad and broken heart and with the help of the Lord, I will write the obituaries of Brother Wesley and
Sister Ella Mae Hayes.  Brother Wesley was born on May 9, 1928, and left this world on July 18, 2003, making his
stay on earth 75 years, 2 months and 13 days.  He was the son of John Richard and Nancy Moore Hayes.

   Sister Ella Mae was born on November 28, 1936, and left this world on July 20, 2003, making her stay on earth
66 years, 7 months and 21 days.  She was the daughter of Glennis and Louelza Collins Wallen.

   At an early age, Wes and Ella Mae met and married.  To this union were born five children, three boys and two
girls, Kenneth Donnie, Danny Lee, David Wesley, June Carol Watts and Nancy Lou Dingus, all of Leburn,
Kentucky.  Wes and Ella Mae had nine grandchildren, eight great grandchildren, eight step grandchildren, and
twelve step great grandchildren.  They also had one deceased grandson.

   Wes and Ella Mae had a long life together, 51 years.  Even in death, they didn’t stay apart very long, only two

   About 38 years ago Wes found an emptiness no one could fill but God.  He had been in the church about 36
years.  Brother Wes was a member of the Mount Olive Church on Slone Fork at Garner, Kentucky.  At the time of
his death, he was the moderator of the church.

   Sister Ella Mae found the Lord about 11 years ago.  She was a very faithful member of the Cross Roads Church
on Odgen Creek, Kentucky.  In their lives nothing or no one came before the Lord.

   Ella Mae always put me and the rest of her family on the prayer list.  I don’t know any one that believed in
prayer any more than these two people.

   I miss them very much, the talks we used to have, no matter what we started talking about, we always brought
the Lord or the Bible into the conversation very quickly.  I felt as if I had gained a mother and father when I married
June, because they treated me just like they did their children.  Wesley and Ella Mae are missed very much.  All of
us see now more that ever how much we all loved these two big hearted people.  I say this because as long as I’ve
known them, I never knew of them turning anyone down for anything, no matter what it was, if they could do it.

   Even the children didn’t realize how many lives their parents had touched until Wes and Ella Mae’s funeral.  They
look back now and see what wonderful parents, and grandparents, they had.  They just all hope to see them
again.  As they know, their parents are just asleep now, waiting for the Lord to take them home.

   Written for the family by: Son-in-law, Lee Roy Watts
Wesley Ella Mae Hayes