Dad left us on February 2, 2004 at the age of 82.  He was born January 21, 1922.  He left behind his loving
wife of 58 years, Onita.   He also left behind one son and daughter-in-law, three daughters and son-in-laws, 10
grandchildren 13 great grandchildren, and two sisters.  He was a member of Cedar Grove Church, Army
Veteran of WWII and a member of the DAV.  He was preceded in death by his daughter, Sandra.  One of the
things he loved was to come back to Kentucky for church and hear his niece and nephew, Squire and Claudette
Watts, sing.  He always looked forward to staying with his nephew, Cletis and his wife, Lorraine Caudill.  Dad
loved all of his family so much.  You would get to the door of his house and he would see you and a big smile
would come on his face.  Daddy was sick for 16 years and mom never left his side.  Their love for each other
only grew stronger with each day.  Dad looked forward to the summer months so he could get on his riding
mower and cut the grass.  I miss him because that was our special thing we did together.  He would ride the
mower and I would do the trimming.  He liked to have family gatherings.  His nephew, Donnie, would always be
there making Dad laugh.  His happy times were with mom and us kids and grandkids.  Daddy was a real U.K.
fan.  He always watched every game he could get on TV.  One month before he died my brother took him to a
game.  He came in smiling because they won.  That was a big highlight in his life.  Another thing he enjoyed
doing was watching his great granddaughter play basketball and the other grandkids coming in and sitting on
his lap no matter how old they were.  Dad was such an important part our lives and will be missed so much by
all of us.  Our days now are of memories of him and all the wisdom he left behind.  Although we miss him
dearly we all know he is in a better place.  He is home now.  Daddy, we love you and miss you so much.
Written by his family.

                                                                     MY PAPPAW

    Pappaw was a very nice man.  He loved his wife and kids and grandkids very much.  They were married for
a very long time.  He loved to watch one of his great granddaughters play basketball.  He thought she was a
good player.  He never missed a home game.  His first U.K. game he went with his son and wife.
Written by his great granddaughter, Marissa
Fred Caudill