This is the obituary of our beloved daughter and sister.  Our family circle has been broken and now we will
never be the same.  Our hearts broke on November 8, 2003 when the angels came and carried our sister away
on their wings.

   Gladys Hall Martin was born on November 20, 1952.  She was 50 years, 11 months, and 19 days old at the
time of her passing.  She was the beloved daughter of Helen Young Hall and the late Elder Corbett Hall of Litt
Carr, Kentucky.  She also leaves behind four broken-hearted sisters:  Lovely Honeycutt (Chelsey) of Litt Carr,
Ky., Janice Conley (Mike) of Mousie, Ky., Mabeline Watson (John of Canton, Georgia, and Mary Sue Sturgill
(Barry) of Littcarr, Ky.  She was the wife of Kohlman Martin.  Gladys also leaves behind five nephews and one
niece: Michael (Dee) Conley, Derrick Conley, Matthew Chesley Huneycutt, Leigh Anne Honeycutt, John Mark
Honeycutt, and Travis Corbit Hall.  She also leaves behind three great nieces: Megan Conley, Sarah Conley, and
Jaclyn Conley.  Gladys, or “Duke” as she was affectionately known, was never able to have children of her own
so she channeled her love into her nieces and nephews.

   Gladys graduated from Carr Creek High School in 1970 and then from the Pikeville College in 1992.  This was
one of her proudest accomplishments.

   Gladys had an exceptional love for her family.  She worked many years researching our family tree.  She was
also there for us whenever we needed her, no matter what the time or place may be.  Through her loss we have
learned never to take each other for granted, for tomorrow may never come.

   Gladys was a member of the Little Bethlehem Old Regular Baptist Church.  She loved attending church and
worked tirelessly visiting the sick.  She possessed a genuine love for her brothers and sisters in the church, they
were her family, too.   And, it was in that little church that she was perhaps the happiest.

   Words cannot describe how much Gladys meant to us or how it broke our hearts to let her go.  Gladys had
requested that the song “They’ve Moved Our Reunion to Heaven” be sung at her funeral.  Now it rings so true,
since she is resting with Daddy around God’s throne.  She touched so many lives and she is missed very much.

   We would like to especially thank Don and Shirley Pratt, Bobby Amburgey, Phillip Hicks, Darrell Short and the
Old Regular Baptist family for their love and comfort.  We will never forget you.
Written by her mother and sisters.

An angel came by to see me today,
She came right through the door,
Oh, what an honor it was for me, she hadn’t visited before,
There were no wings upon her back nor a halo on her head,
But I knew right away what she was by her beauty and the things
She said.
Her presence there lit up the room, her smile it was so grand,
Why had God sent her to me, I did not understand,
She sat down and talked a while and I began to see,
Life’s troubles were getting me down and God’s love would set me
My angel came and she did leave, and what an honor it had been,
I had not only met an angel, but I had gained a dear friend.
My angel now has left this earth to be with God and I miss her very much,
But I am so glad she passed my way and by an angel my life has been touched.

Written by Tammy Pratt Jacobs
Dedicated to Gladys Hall Martin
Whose love and dedication to God has been an inspiration to me.
Gladys Hall Martin