With the help of the Lord we will try to write an obituary of our dearly beloved brother, Kennith Yates.  He
was born on May 11, 1945 and departed this life on June 19, 2003, making his stay here on earth 58 years, one
month, and eight days.  He was the son of Charlie and Eva Yates who preceded him in death.  Kennith was
married to Orpha Coleman Yates on June 29, 1963 and to this union wer born three children, Brian Yates, Lisa
Yates Deel, and Felix Yates; and three grandchildren, April Deel, Shannon Deel, and Shasta Yates.  He had one
brother, Gary Yates, and four sisters, Elvia Yates Brooks, Phyllis Yates Deel, Mavis Yates Deel and Blanche
Yates Conaway.

    Kennith was a disabled coal miner and he was hurt in a coal mining accident.  He had black lung the last few
years of his life.  He was totally disabled and stayed in the hospital the biggest part of his life.  While he was in
the hospital, it pleased him greatly when anyone came to see him.  He would try to talk, but it was so difficult for
him to talk.  But, we feel he is with our Lord and his breathing problems are gone.  We feel that if he could tell us
now (he would say) I can breath now without the help of all those machines.

    Kennith was never baptized in water, but we believe he was baptized in the holy spirit of our Lord.  He
prayed so much and talked with God.  So sleep on dear brother, we hope to meet you some day where there is
no pain or sorrow.  We love you.

                            Written by his sisters: Elvia Brooks and Phyllis Deel
Kennith Yates