It is with a sad heart, but with fond and precious memories, we write to obituary of our loving mother.  Laura
was born in Letcher County, Kentucky on August 15, 1908.  She passed away August 21, 2003, making her
earthly life 95 years and six days.

    She was the daughter of Isom and Angline Dixon, who preceded her in death.  Brother John and sisters,
Myrtle and Bessie, also preceded her in death.  Her surviving brothers are Dennis, Pascal, and Eugene Dixon.  
Unto the union of Laura and Troy Back were born two sons and three daughters: Jesse C., John W., Lola June
Pavka, Frances Jane Hampton and Mable Francis.  In addition to her children and in-laws, she is survived by; 10
grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and one great-great granddaughter.

    Over the years, for as long as she was able, her life was dedicated to the care and well being of her family.  
In 1948 a terrible auto mishap resulted in the loss of her husband, Troy.  The loss of her husband put a heavy
burden on the well-being of the family, but her dedication became stronger and stronger, supported by the
extended family of Backs and Dixons.

    Then, one day she was visited by one of God’s men (a local pastor) who prayed with her and advised that
she could not continue very well with her family life without God’s help.  Shortly afterward, she called upon Jesus
to help her and to forgive the sin that separated herself from God.  From then (1958) until she passed, Laura
depended upon the promises granted her, which included a band of angels to carry her to Heaven and Jesus and
to remain with her forever.
Laura Dixon Back