Lisa Gaye Stone Votaw was born on September 28, 1965 and passed away June 5, 2004.  God let us enjoy
her sweet smile and laughter for 38 years, 8 months, and 23 days.  I believe with all my heart she’s at rest,
never any more pain or sorrow.

    She leaves to mourn her passing, husband, Steve Votaw, son, Chad Allen Stone; mother, Renava Malon;
stepfather, Ray Malone; grandmother, Mattie Griffie; and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  Preceding
her in death: Papaw, Clarence Griffie, and daughter, Linzy Stone.  Lisa was diagnosed with cancer in March,
2004.  She called me Easter Sunday saying “Auntie, God has saved me, I want to come home and join the
church.  I want Squire to baptize me.”   Shortly after, she was admitted to St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington,
Kentucky.  We visited her often in those short weeks.  She always had the sweetest smile when we walked in
her room.  She would always tell me something sweet about Chad, she was so proud of him.  He was her pride
and joy.  She called me one evening wanting Squire and Jim to come down and lay hands on her, asking God if
it be his will for her to get well.  We went as she asked and they did.  She was so happy, saying I’ve got God in
my heart.  She joined church that day and wanted her membership in Cedar Grove Regular Baptist Church.  Her
heart’s desire was to come home and be baptized soon as she was able.  Just a few days before God took her,
she took me by the hand and said, “Auntie I love you, everything will be alright.”  I loved her as if she was my
own little girl.  She told her good friend, Sandy, that she couldn’t get well and that she wanted to go to Heaven.  
She asked her to be good to Chad.  She kept asking to go home in Nicholasville.  She wanted to see Chad
playing, and see her horses and dogs.  She got home Friday evening and spent one night.  Shawn and Chad
were outside playing ball.  She wanted to watch them.  She asked Sandra to take her outside, but there was no
way she could, so she rolled her hospital bed over by the window so she could see him playing once more.
Renava, Sandra, Chad, Steve, Todd and others spend the last night with her.  About 30 minutes before God
took her, she told Renava (“Mommie, I love you, don’t worry about me”).  Just a few seconds before she took
her last breath, Sandra said she raised up in bed and said (“OH, my God”) just as though she saw him.  I
believe she did.  I believe he took her in his arms, and carried her sweet soul away.  We’ll never forget her
sweet smile and that special laugh she had.  My prayers are that all her loved ones and friends will prepare to
meet h in Heaven.  I could write for days and still could not say all the sweet memories I have of her.

                                    By her Auntie, Claudette Watts.
Lisa Gaye Stone Votaw