Quentin Holbrook was born June 15, 1938 to Arch and Eliza Holbrook in Perry County.  He entered eternal
life on April 20, 2004, leaving his wife, Margaret; son, Darren; daughter-in-law, Stacey; grandson, Zachary;
granddaughter, Zoe; 3 brothers, 3 sisters and a host of other family members that loved him dearly, to mourn his

    On October 5, 2003 Quentin and his son, Darren, gave their lives to the Lord.  There were baptized together
and became members of Cedar Grove Church, this being the most important thing he ever did.  Although we
miss him very much, thanks to God we have the assurance of seeing him again someday.
Quentin Holbrook

Everyone would look
As they passed by,
To see if he was there.
Sitting alone, day by day
In his gliding rocking chair.
He watched the weather,
As time passed by,
Would it be rain or snow?
But even on the sunny days,
Outside he would not go.
“It will make me sick,”
Was his reply
When I asked him to come with me.
Out on the deck,
In the pretty sunshine,
I knew he would never be.
There’s no longer fear,
He’s happy now.
His smothering is no more.
His reward is great,
He is with the Lord
On Heaven’s great wonderful shore.

By: Margaret Rose Watts Holbrook, May 1, 2004