Raymond Deel was born March 13, 1939 and passed away on February 2, 2004.

    With loving memories, we celebrate the life of our brother, Raymond Deel.  He was born to Edgar and
Carsie (Hill) Deel on March 13, 1939.  He had never been married and was a lifetime resident of Buchanan
County.  Raymond was preceded in death by our Mother, Carsie Hill Deel, our father, Edgar Deel, and two
brothers, Jackie and Sammy Deel.  He is survived by four sisters; Shelby Blankenship of Grundy, Fayetta
Phillips of Hurley, Carol Mullins of Cedar Bluff, and Sheila Long of Manassas.  Also surviving is one brother,
Roger Deel of Midwest City, Oklahoma.

    Raymond (Raymbow to his family and friends) was a very special and unique person who was kind,
generous, loving and just wonderful to be around.  Being born blind didn’t present a great problem for him
because he never considered himself as being handicapped.  He felt he could do anything and often did!  When
young he would go out in the mountains by himself, using a well-used path as a marker, Mom would miss him
and ask us to follow to make sure he was okay.  To get better reception on his radio, he once run a wire from
the house, up the hill, and then climbed a tree to make a connection.  This feat ended in a broken arm, but that
didn’t stop him.  He continued to attempt and master things because he wouldn’t give up.  Raymond was
talented and learned to play a guitar and harmonica; he really enjoyed singing and playing music.  He attended
school in Charlottesville so he could learn a trade.  His thirst for knowledge let him to learn Braille so he could
read books.  He learned how to fix himself coffee and, yes, he was able to prepare many types of food.  He
strived to be self-sufficient and his life was a never-ending quest for independence.

    Raymond was a people person.  He loved being around and talking to people.  He kept up on many current
events and could discuss what was happening in the world and wouldn’t hesitate to give his opinions.  Raymond
was also a great listener; he would sit and listen to your problems with an understanding ear.  He was truly a
person you could depend on for making a gloomy situation seem better.  No matter how the events in his life
unfolded, he always kept an optimistic outlook on life.

    Raymond appreciated everything that was done for him and seldom complained even when he was very ill.  
Whenever anyone did even small things, he’d smile and say, “Thank you”.  Throughout his illness, he stayed in
good spirits.  If you asked him how he was doing, he’d say, “I’m doing okay; I’ve put everything in the Lord’s
hands.”  Today, if he was given the opportunity to come back, he wouldn’t, because he’s no longer suffering and
in pain.  If he could talk to us, we’re sure he would smile and say.  “Don’t worry about me; I’m fine, so be happy
because I’m in my Master’s hands.”

    Raymond has touched the lives of many people; he has been an inspiration and blessing to everyone that
was fortunate enough to have him in their life.  A touch from the smallest of angels leaves a print on the soul
forever.  For those of us who have been touched by this angel, our lives are forever changed.
Raymond Deel