It is with sadness, but great pride that I write the obituary of my loving father, Raymond Lee McCoy.  He was
born on June 16, 1954.  He was a retired coal miner.  On August 11, 1972 he married his wife, Wanda Gail Boyd.  
From this union he had two daughters, Tina Michelle Deel and Lee Ann Tiller, and two grandsons, Logan Chance
and Trevor Blake Deel.  He had two brothers, Danny Ray and James, and three sisters, Zella Boyd, Judy Ramey,
and Elisia Mae McCoy.  He found out he had cancer on August 30, 2001 and spent the next 3 years in and out of
hospitals.  During this time he started going to church and realized he needed the Lord in his life and was baptized
on June 1, 2003 and had his membership at the Pilgrim Home Church.

    Throughout his sickness he tried to live life to the fullest.  You never heard him say why did this happen to me,
but I guess sometimes we ask why because it was so hard to see him go through so much.  We always put our
faith and trust in Jesus Christ and knew in our hearts that He had a reason.  During his sickness there were a few
times that we almost lost him.  Although, by the grace of God, he got to stay with us a few more days.  One of
those times when he got out of the hospital, he told my mother about a light that he had seen.  He said the light was
so beautiful and peaceful, a light that a person would not be afraid to go into.  The light gave him comfort.

    We miss him with all of our hearts.  We have great faith that he is in Heaven and no longer in so much pain.  I
believe with all my heart, someday we will meet again in Heaven.  Our lives will never be the same.  We will always
miss the 4-wheeler trips we would tae with all our family members or just riding around the dirt roads late at night,
just talking.  We will miss seeing his two grandson’s faces light up when they would see their Pa coming to get
them.  He always tried to take them everywhere he could and buy them everything he could because maybe he
knew in his heart that he would not be here on this earth to see them grow up.  He fought for that a long time, but on
April 28, 2004 at 4:05 a.m. he took his last breath in his youngest daughter’s arms at his home with all his family and
some close relatives around.
Raymond Lee McCoy