March 8, 1977 –
                                                          December 18, 2003

    With a heart full of love and memories I will write a letter of remembrance for my dear husband, Shawn

    Shawn was first and foremost a man of God.  He sought out his Savior and worked to do God’s will.  He
would spend much of his free time studying the Bible and seeking work to serve the Lord.  He loved God more
than anything and was willing to do God’s work despite the pain and anguish it would cause.  When Shawn was
diagnosed with his second tumor, I sat in the doctor’s office with him and felt as if my whole world had come
crashing down.  Not Shawn.  He looked at me with the same bright eyes he always had and smiled.  He told me
he had prayed for God’s will and that everything would be all right.  He had faith in his Lord and knew God’s will
would be done.   After receiving his miracle of being healed from the first brain tumor, Shawn wrote a song about
God’s love, mercy, and his hope of seeing people saved.  The song was often on his lips and always in is heart.  
It seemed that he had written an anthem for his life.  He touched lives that he didn’t ever know about and more
that I will probably never know.  His work was real and true.  His honest desire was to do God’s work and bring
people to the Lord.  Baptisms were his favorite event.  It didn’t matter if he knew the person or not.  It was a
blessing, he would say, to see someone dedicate his or her life to God.  His heart rejoiced in the Lord and it was
evident to everyone that knew him.

    Shawn’s first love was God and I, his second.  He would tell me that he loved me more than anything on the
face of the Earth and would compare that love to the natural beauties of the world.  I loved him the same.  He
was committed to me and our life as man and wife.  We were inseparable and truly enjoyed every second we
were blessed to spend with one another.  In the short time we had together, Shawn taught me about love, trust,
and life.  He taught me to love God first and to love others through God’s love for me.  He taught me to trust in
God’s love for me and to trust in God’s will for my life.  He taught me that I cannot fight God’s will.  I have to trust
and accept it because God’s will is what is right and good.  God does not turn His back on His children and no
matter how dark the hour God will bring it light and make it good.

    Shawn was a man of intelligence, wit, and love.  He did not see flaws in anyone and trusted everyone.  His
bright eyes and perfect smile, along with his amazing ability to tell a story could draw in anyone; it was like sweet
honey, you couldn’t get enough.  People young and old, loved to talk with Shawn.  He possessed the ability to
make people feel special, secure, and loved.  His love seemed to seep out of every pore of his body.  To know
Shawn was to know to love him and to love him was awesome.  I thank God every day for blessing me with a
man as wonderful and beautiful, inside and out, to call my husband.  We were blessed with a love that I am afraid
many don’t experience.  A tremendous love that will last the test of time.  A love that no one can take from me.  A
love that goes on in his death and will never be forgotten.

    Shawn, I love you more than there are stars in the sky!

    His loving and heartbroken wife, Tessica Craft Centers