Alger Barton Fields was born on April 8, 1946 in Knott County, Kentucky. He was the son of Nancy and Davis
Fields. Alger was preceded in death by his wife, Una; mother, Nancy; father, Davis; and three brothers, Ova,
Ben, and James Fields.

   He is survived by 3 sisters, Marie Almond of Anderson, Indiana, Sylvania Everidge in the Hazard Nursing
Home, and Mary Burchett of Pikeville, Kentucky; and four brothers, Troy Fields of Mount Vernon, Kentucky,
Daniel Fields of Sassafras, Kentucky, Tom Fields of London, Kentucky and Clarence Fields of Engles, Indiana.
He leaves behind three children, James, Junior and Linda, and 6 grandchildren all of Indiana; also, a host of
nieces and nephews.

   Alger died at home on April 19, 2006, making his stay here on earth 60 years and 11 days.
Alger was a caring and loving person, who loved his family, friends, and neighbors. He was always happiest
while helping others. We all have our special memories of Alger: JR will miss being able to holler, “ALG” are you
ready to cut weeds yet?.” Gary will miss making the ice cream runs. Guy and Sam will miss making the nightly
phone calls and Judy and Yvonne will miss him asking for soup and baked spaghetti. Jim will miss his friendship
and being able to ask “What do you need BoBo?” and him saying, “It will be okay.”

   Marie will always have the memory of his deep love for her. Alger’s last wishes for his family were that they
would know that he loved them all.

   Alger has fought a hard battle with cancer, but he never gave up hope. One morning last fall he began calling
everyone to share an experience that had changed his life. He said he had spent the night fighting a hard battle,
but he was happier now than he had ever been.

   He had to cross a valley to get to the mountain. The road was rough and rocky with much pain, but he kept
going, and when he started up the mountain everything became easier. When he climbed that Great High
Mountain, Jesus was there waiting for him and he had peace like he had never felt before.

   Several weeks later Alger joined the Little Bethlehem Church and was baptized that day. We will always
remember Alger’s smile of happiness as he was raised out of the water. He may not have been able to attend
church many more times, but he was proud of his church and he talked to God every day and told others of his
faith in God. He wanted everyone to find the joy that he had found.

   Alger is at the place he wanted to go, like Aunt Una always said, “He has gone home”. He is at peace and
free of pain forever.
Alger Fields