Arnold and Marie Thacker were two of the most loved people in Knott and surrounding counties. Although they
had nine children of their own, countless others thought of them as parents or grandparents. Their home on
Possom Trot Road at Leburn, held countless gatherings for family and friends over the years. They always had
plenty of food and love to share with everyone who came to visit. Just being with them was a source of comfort
for many people.

   After being married for more than 69 years, their love for each other had only grown stronger. They had
developed a deep respect for one another, setting an example for us all about love and marriage. To him, she
was still the young bride that he had wed so long ago. To her, he was still the most handsome man she had
ever met. It was obvious to everyone that they found pure joy in each other. They had their share of trouble and
heartache along the way, but always had each other to cling to. This was especially true during the
heartbreaking loss of two sons in infancy and early childhood, and a precious grandson later in life.

   The only one that they leaned on more than each other was God. Mommy gave her life to the Lord and was
baptized in the early 1970s. Daddy soon followed, telling everyone that it was the best decision he had ever
made. They became pillars of their precious New Home Church. Their faith in God was a light to us all.
On August 11, 2005, our loving mother, at age 87, went to be with the Lord. She had been in poor health for
years, but in the end, she fought a long, hard battle with cancer. No one could picture Daddy without Mommy
and neither could he. Exactly three months later on November 11, 2005, our beloved Father followed his
precious Marie to their Heavenly home. Although he had suffered with several health problems for years, he
simply slipped away with a broken heart.

   Who do we turn to now for the wisdom that only a Mommy and Daddy can share? Where do we go for the
comfort that only a Mommy and Daddy can provide? Who will show the grandchildren how to cook, quilt, and
work with wood? Who will pass on the stories of our ancestors with such detail? Who will advise us to turn all
our problems over to God? Who will tell us that Jesus is the key to everlasting life?

   In the later years of their life, if the weather was warm, most days would find Mommy and Daddy sitting on
their front porch. Mommy rocked in her chair while Daddy, sitting beside her, recalled memories from a lifetime
ago. Their home, once filled with warmth, laughter, and love, is only a house now. The two people that made it
so special no longer live there. They now call Heaven their home.

   We love you and miss you Mommy and Daddy. The children of Arnold and Marie Thacker.

                                                           ARNOLD THACKER

   It is with a sad and broken heart I try to write an obituary of my loving Father, Arnold Thacker. He was born
into the home of Jim Thacker and Mary Belle Slone Thacker on December 4, 1917. He lived to be 87 years old.
He passed away at the Knott County Nursing Home on November 11, 2005.

   Early in life he met and married Marie Hall Thacker to whom he was married for 70 years. To this union was
born nine children: Homer, Shirley, Shelby Ray, Gladys, Donald Forest, Elizabeth, Bobbie, Charles and Irene.
Two of the kids and Mommy preceded him in death. Mom died three months to a day on August 11, 2005. I
took care of them seven days a week after they got sick. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Dad joined
the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1980. He was a very faithful member as long as he could go.
He leaves to mourn his passing 7 children, 22 grand children, 7 great-great grandchildren and lots of friends
and relatives.

   Written by his daughter, Shirley Combs.

                                                           MARIE HALL THACKER

   It’s with a broken heart I try to write an obituary of my sweet mother, Marie Hall Thacker. She was born on
May 16, 1918 to Walter and Louetta Watts Hall. Early in life she met and married Arnold Thacker. They were
married 70 years. To this union was born nine children: Homer, Shelby Ray, Shirley, Gladys, Donald Forest,
Elizabeth, Charles, Irene and Bobbie.

   They lived a hard and good life. Mom passed away on August 11, 2005 from cancer, leaving Dad and us
behind. Dad was so lonely he didn’t want to go on any more so he lived three months and passed away on
November 11, 2005. Mom joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in the seventies. She was a faithful member
as long as she was able. She was sick a long time.

   She leaves to mourn her passing 7 children, 22 grand children and 7 great-great grandchildren. It will never
be the same anymore. I miss her so bad I can hardly make it.

   Her broken hearted daughter, Shirley Combs
Arnold And Marie Hall Thacker