Bonnie Lou Shepherd met Cordis Smith, Jr. in the fall of 1969 at Alice Lloyd College. By Christmas, Cordis had
asked her parents, Lacy and Stella Shepherd, if he could marry their daughter. They were married by Coy
Combs at Mousie, Kentucky on January 9, 1971. Bonnie and Cordis moved to Big Fork of Lotts Creek where
they have lived for 35 years. In about a year, they had their first child, LaDawn, and two years later, a son,
William John.

  Bonnie’s life was centered around family and children; her own and everyone else’s. She was a constant
presence in LaDawn and William’s life. Bonnie’s greatest gift was her love of children. She didn’t work outside
the home, but she sure did work. She helped raise so many children, Joe and Dustin, Jessica, Kortni and Evan,
Candace, Alice, Ashley and Brandi, Alyssa and Ryan, Zach, Reagan and Ryan, and Derek and Kelsey. She
possessed the patience it takes to love a child and still be able to teach it right from wrong.

  Another gift of Bonnie’s was her ability to bring joy to your life. She had a wonderful sense of humor and
loved to talk and enjoy life. You couldn’t be sad around Bonnie.

  Bonnie was such an important part of this family. She became another sister to Donna, Norma and Helen,
and a daughter to Cordis, Mescal and Pap.

  There are many things we’ll never forget about Bonnie:  She loved antiques and anything old. She loved
feeding birds and had several houses and feeders in her yard. She loved flowers and spent early mornings
watering and caring for them.

  She had such a strong sense of her roots and loved her brothers and sisters dearly. She loved talking on the
phone to them and their occasional visits.

  Her favorite time of the year was Christmas. She loved to decorate for every holiday, but Christmas was

  The only thing greater than her love of Cordis, LaDawn and William was her love and pride in her
grandchildren, Chase, Nathan and Christa. Bonnie told everyone that she had been blessed with having a
wonderful life and her main wish was that her children and grandchildren would have such a life.
When she started getting sick, it was hard for her to accept and it broke her heart that she couldn’t take care
of her granddaughter, Christa. These grandchildren will never realize how much love and care they will have
missed by Bonnie being taken from them.

  Bonnie had a strong sense of faith and lived her life believing in God. Her daily actions showed kindness,
patience, charity, and forgiveness. About 3 months ago, Bonnie was in the hospital and her mind cleared. She
asked for a preacher and several came. She wanted to be right with God. On July 11, 2006, Jesus took Bonnie
home to spend eternity in Heaven. We will see her there.
Bonnie Lou Smith