I’ll try to write this letter in memory of my husband, Bruce Fields. There are so many good things I could say
about him. He loved his family, and he loved me more than anything in this life and he knew I loved him. He would
pick me flowers, roses when they were in season. He would cut the thorns off with a pocket knife before giving
them to me. We got married on July 1, his dad’s birthday. He said it would make his dad happy.

   We treated our grandson, Alex Thomas Fields like he was ours, and we taught him about God. Bruce wanted
to go to church about 2 years ago. He wasn’t able to leave home because he was so sick. We started watching
WJL channel and helping sing the songs they would sing. We would pray with them also. Bruce realized he
needed to pray harder for his soul. His uncle, Joe Fields, would come and read the Bible to him. Bruce just kept
praying harder, until our Lord and Savior lifted his burdens and saved his soul. Bruce’s pain and suffering was
finally over on November 6, 2005 and I am happy to say that he is finally at rest with our Savior Jesus Christ.
   With all my love, Joyce Lucas Fields
Bruce Fields