With a heart full of sorrow and eyes full of tears, I will try with God’s help to write the obituary of my Daddy,
Elder Ted Robinson. Daddy was born on August 31, 1952, the son of the late Orbin and Kelsie Robinson. He
left this world for Cannans bright shore on February 21, 2006, making his stay on this earth 53 years. For those
who knew him, not one second of those 53 years was dull or wasted.

   As everyone knows Daddy was a coal miner for 25 years. He simply was the hardest worker I ever knew.
Anyone who ever worked with him would attest to that. He always said that he was proud to bring light and
warmth into so many homes. He said if he didn’t work as hard as he did, maybe one person wouldn’t have
lights or warmth in their house that night. That kept Daddy going. I had the privilege to work with him the last
summer he was able to work in the mines. He was my boss. He fired me at least 4 times a day! I deserved it
every time.

   My daddy was a minister for 29 years. Again he was bringing light and warmth to everyone, but this was a
different kind. God gave him a gift to preach that was short of awesome. Daddy was the first one to admit this
was a gift from God. It had nothing to do with him. When the Lord blessed him to preach, it was such a mixture
of power and tenderness. Love, humility and humbleness could touch everyone in the room. God gave Daddy
ways to explain things in such simple terms that all could understand. His work ethic towards being a faithful
servant of God was even greater than that of his job. Many times I saw him drag in from a 12-13 hour day in
the mines with only enough time to shower, clothe and go to a funeral, perform a wedding or just go to church.
No matter how sick he was or how tired or if J.R. and I had a ballgame; as a child I had a tough time with that
but as I got older I understood that through his actions he was teaching me to always put God first and He
would take care of me. Daddy knew this light and warmth was felt in the soul and its name was Jesus Christ. It
could take men and women to Heaven if they took heed just as he did.

   Daddy was one of those people who was never afraid to show his affections to people. He had been at
deaths door so many times in the last few years, he understood that when he saw someone, it may be the last
time so he made sure they knew he loved them. Mommy, me, J.R., Jenny and his beloved grandson, Corbin,
brother, sisters, all friends and family members knew he loved us because he showed us and we felt it.
Daddy, I know you would be so happy to see how many people are here that care for you and loved you so
deeply. God blessed you to touch so many lives. You brought light and warmth to many in so many different
ways. I’ll take care of Mommy, Bub, and Jenny. I’ll promise to raise Corbin the way you raised me. I’ve tried to
make you proud all my life and I’ll continue to do so until we’re all reunited in Heaven where there is always light
and warmth.

   Written with love by his son, Teddy Heath Robinson.

   Brother Ted Robinson was a proud member of the Little Hannah Regular Baptist Church. He always said “I
only want to help load the boat”      
Elder Ted Robinson