With a very sad and a broken heart I will try to write an obituary of a very beloved husband, dad, and
grandpa, Ethan “Tucker” Whitaker.

   Ethan was born on April 30, 1936 to the late Samuel and Bertie Mullins Whitaker. He passed from
this life on June 21, 2006, making his stay here on earth 70 years, 1 month, and 21 days.
He met and married Lorene Mullins Whitaker and to this marriage 2 children were born, Charlene Whitaker
Slone of Hindman, Kentucky and Ethan Whitaker, Jr. of North Carolina. Others who mourn our loss are one
brother, Ronnie Whitaker of Amburgey, Kentucky; one grandson, Britt Samual Whitaker; Sandy Whitaker; and
Jim Slone.

   Ethan was a retired coal miner. He enjoyed gardening and wood crafting and going to church. Seems like
everyone he came in contact with loved him and had great respect for him.

   Ethan developed cancer. He would often get up all through the night and we would have a talk about him
having to leave. His only worry was he wanted me to be taken care of. He would always tell our children to
take care and be good to Mom. After he talked to them about the Lord and a place they could go hereafter.
He grew worse, but never complained, but just wanted to know that others would be taken care of.
I believe the night the death angel came, Ethan really was doing fine. He went to a place where there will be
no more pain.

   Family and friends will miss Ethan, but his wife, Lorene, will miss him the most. But, we can always have
our sweet memories that no one can take away from us. So, just rest on Ethan in your peaceful sleep. We will
meet again where there will be no pain or sorrow. So, children if Dad could speak to you, he would say give
your life to the Lord and come live with me forever.

   Written by his broken-hearted wife, Lorene Whitaker
Ethan Tucker Whitaker