With sadness, but a treasure of memories, I write the obituary of my mamaw, Ethel Seals.
There are so many, many things that come to mind, memories, stories, laughter and tears. I’m sure we could
all tell our own but that’s something we will have forever.

   Mamaw was born on Saturday, January 27, 1917 to the late Pearl and Cindy Combs. She passed from this
earth on Saturday, April 8, 2006, making her stay 89 years, 2 months and 12 days.

   At the age of 4 she was sent to the Good Fellow Home in Lexington following the death of her dad. There
she stayed until the age of 14 when she returned to Knott County.

   At the age of 18 she met the love of her life, Luther Seals. They were united in marriage on August 18,
1934. Unto this union 5 children were born, Ivon, Janet, Eula, Millie and Arthur (Dobbie as we know him). They
also raised a grandson, Ricky, as their own son.

   Mamaw worked hard all of her life even though she never had a job. She labored at home to take care of
her children she loved so dearly.

   Just to name a few fond memories, there was her garden, she loved working in her garden every year. She
all but stood on her head making sure the last weed was gone. She loved watching her stories. We knew not to
call during that time of day. In addition to her stories she was an avid U.K. fan whether it was on TV or radio.
She was anxiously waiting when tip off time came. Then there was her game shows, Wheel of Fortune and
Jeopardy. She never missed those.

   She loved to tell stories of things past, stories about her life and her children’s. Then there was a little song
she sang, one that none of us could quite get.

   I’m sure you’ve all heard how I told on her because she made her cornbread up with her hands. She told
everyone that I thought she was nasty and she thought that was so funny.

   Speaking of funny, who can forget that distinct laugh she had. It rang out no matter where she was.
One last tidbit was what Rhena said, “A lesson well taught was not to squash her bread when you went to the
store or she’d sure tell you of it.”

   Mamaw had a healthy life. She never complained no matter how bad she felt. Like she would say, “Aah, a
feller has to go on.”

   Mamaw was a member of the Reynolds Fork Church, having joined in July, 2000. She loved the Lord dearly.
She loved going to church or just having Bordes come by to sing a song and have prayer with her. She was
always happy when she talked about the Lord. She witnessed to all that was around.

   Mamaw’s little home was old and tattered, but to her it was a mansion. Now she has a new mansion in Glory
where she has joined our Savior to rest. As she left this world, Dobbie awoke to her softly calling for Ada Belle,
a daughter-in-law that she loved as a daughter. Then as Dobbie ask her if she wanted to pray, she took her
hand and said, “Father be with her”. She took her last journey home.

   Written by Granddaughter, Reva Ritchie.
Ethel Seals