Evelyn Griffie was born at Carr Creek, Kentucky on August 23, 1914 to John Riley Combs and Mary Turner
Combs.  She married Clyde Benton Griffie from York Springs, Pennsylvania on October 16, 1933. Mom and Dad
spent the next eight years in York Springs, PA before moving back to Orkney, Kentucky. This union produced
four children, Marybelle Caudill, Charles, Robert and Franklin Griffie. Marybelle and I were born in Pennsylvania
before Mom and Dad returned to Orkney to raise their family.

   Dad worked in the coal mines and Mom served as Postmaster at Orkney for 30 years. She always enjoyed
her job and loved visiting with people when they came to get the mail.

   Mom attended the Old Regular Baptist Church all of her life. She was baptized by Henry Blair at Joppa in the
1960’s. She loved attending church and was always faithful to attend when able. Her brothers and sisters of the
church were very dear to her. She was always calling to check on those that were ill, visiting those in the
hospital, and attending many funerals to show her love for her church brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors.
   She loved her children and grandchildren and was always willing to help them in any way possible. We are so
thankful for her loving and generous nature.

   In July, 1985 Dad passed away, leaving Mom sad and lonely. We took her back to Pennsylvania often to visit
our aunts, uncles and cousins. This gave her great joy to return to the area where she spent her early married

   When Mom became ill and was unable to live alone, she stayed with her children and grandchildren in
Lexington and Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and Milford, Ohio. Her last years were spent in Milford, Ohio. My wife,
Joan, and I cared for Mom and loved giving her the care that enabled her to be comfortable and happy, even as
her Alzheimer’s Disease worsened. She continued to recognize us as we spent each day talking to her, singing
to her, feeding her, and loving her. She would often start singing the old church songs she loved so much. We
enjoyed every day that we spent with her and would do it again, if we had the chance. She loved and gave back
to us more than we could give her.

   Mom died on March 27, 2003 at the age of 88 and was buried at the Newman Cemetery beside Dad and my
sister, Marybelle. Her sister, Dorothy, and brothers, Irvin and Herbert, preceded her in death.
We still miss Mom so much, think of her every day and treasure those precious memories of her that will linger
with us always.

   Your loving son and daughter-in-law, Charles and Joan Griffie.
Evelyn Combs Griffie