With the help of the Lord, we will try to write an obituary of our precious mother, Gay Ola Deel.
Mommy was born on May 25, 1926 to the late Cain and Sissy Owens Willis. God’s angels took her home on
April 1, 2006, making her stay here on earth 79 years 10 months and 7 days.

   She is survived by one brother, Frank Willis and three sisters, Nell Edwards, Judy Bernhoft and Helen
Wagner. She was preceded in death by her parents; two sisters, Imel Willis and Charlene Willis; and our daddy,
Harrison Deel.

   On September 13, 1947 Mommy was married to our Daddy. To this union was born four children, Linda
Branham, Bobby Harrison Deel, Blake Deel and Marshell Clevinger. Mommy had three grandchildren and one
step grandchild.

   In 1987, Mommy had to have surgery because of fluid on the brain. After the surgery, Mommy continued to
have problems with dizziness that resulted in several falls and hospitalizations. Mommy had a heart attack in
1999, and her health continued to decline.

   Mommy joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 2005. Because of her health she was not able to attend
church. But, Mommy read her Bible every day. She always talked to us about the Lord and how much she loved
Him. She told us if we had a problem, to turn it over to the Lord and He would take care of it.
The last couple of years, Mommy was unable to stay alone due to her medical problems. We attempted to care
for her at home as long as we could. Last fall, Mommy agreed to go to the nursing home at Elkhorn City,
Kentucky for therapy. The therapy was not successful and Mommy’s health continued to decline. About one
week prior to her death, she had to have surgery at Bristol Regional Hospital. Due to her weakness and other
complications, she was not able to recover from the surgery.

   Mommy was such a loving and caring person. Her life was being a mother to her children. She was always
there when we were sick or had a problem. She gave us much guidance throughout our lives and always taught
us right from wrong. Everyone who knew her loved her and knew of her strong faith in the Lord.
Whenever we think of Mommy, we will know she is in Heaven with our Daddy. Her pain and suffering is over. She’
ll not cry anymore tears or have any more worries, just a life of glory in the arms of the Lord. She is now one of
God’s angels watching over us.

   We will miss Mommy more than words can ever express. She will remain in our hearts forever. It is not
goodbye Mommy. It is only farewell until we see her again.
   Written By Her Broken Hearted Children, With Very Much Love and Sorrow
Gay Ola Deel