With a sad and broken heart I’ll write an obituary of my brother, Jackie Moore. Jackie was born on August 6,
1946 at Martin, Kentucky to Eva and Curly Moore. He left us on February 12, 2006, making his stay on earth 59
years and 7 months. Jackie never married as he dedicated his life to caring for our mother. Jackie leaves to
mourn his passing 4 sisters, Patty Meade and Deborah Hopkins of McDowell, Judy Walters of Winchester,
Kentucky and Sharon Martin of Dema, Kentucky and three brothers, Jerry Moore and Ricky Moore of McDowell
and Donnie Glenn Moore of Williard, Ohio. One sister preceded him in death, Bobie Ann Case, and one sister
died three days after his death; his beloved sister, Marsha Robinsion, to whom Jackie was so close. I know
Marsha was so sick and lost when Jackie died, and she just told him to come back and take her with him. Jackie
had a love for his brothers and sisters that I have never seen before. He wanted to take care of us, but didn’t
want us to do anything for him. He loved his nieces and nephews so very much and was especially close to one,
Jeffery Sexton, whom he loved and raised as his own son. I never heard Jackie say a harmful word to anyone,
and I’ve seen him so many times in his chair reading his Bible. He could tell you where the verses in the Bible
were. I was so proud he was my brother and my best friend. I’ve had to seek advise from him many times and
he never turned any of us away. Jackie was a very special person who saw no strangers and if he did meet one,
in minutes they were Jackie’s friends for life. I remember his going to church with Mommy at a young age. He
joined the Little Rosa Church at McDowell at a young age and was a member there when he died. He was sick
many years, but went to church everywhere. He filled his seat at Little Rosa well. He became disabled after two
back surgeries. Later he had to go on kidney dialysis and died as a result of a head injury. On New Years Eve,
Jackie was in the hospital at Prestonsburg. My husband, Eddie, and I were by his bedside as well as a nurse. I
told Jackie that it’s almost a new year. He prayed for God to put him in his right mind to pray. So at 15 minutes
until 12:00 he began to pray. I was holding one hand and the nurse the other hand and Eddie had his arm around
his neck. He prayed for God to put all the suffering on him so his brothers and sisters wouldn’t have to. He told
us he had no riches, that he only wanted to serve the Lord and do his will and prayed about how he loved the
Lord and his family. I told him he was the richest man on earth. He had what money couldn’t buy. He prayed until
ten minutes after twelve. Eddie, the nurse and I cried the whole time and got such a blessing out of that prayer.
The nurse said she felt the presence of God in that room.

   Also, two nurses at Lexington would come to Jackie’s room and sing for him. They said every time they
walked into Jackie’s room they felt the presence of God. I’ve never known anyone that walked closer to God
than my blessed brother.

   We never left Jackie the last six months of his life. The weeks before his death were the best and happiest of
my life. I cooked anything he wanted and fed him. He was always saying things that made us laugh. We all could
never repay Jackie for all he did for us. He bought my boys high school rings for them and helped them through
high school as he was extremely close to Tee Tee and Brent. I always made Jackie candy at Christmas to give
as gifts. The last Christmas he told me to make a big bunch for Ruth. Ruth, you were so special to him. Our
brother, Ricky, moved in with Jackie years before his death and cooked, cleaned and done everything for him.
Thank you, Ricky, for all you have done for Jackie. You know there’s one more thing you need to do. Kenneth
Gayheart was very good to Jackie. He carried meals right to Jackie. Thank you, Kenneth. Jackie loved you as if
you were his brother. My husband and I stayed a week at a time with Jackie and Eddie took care of Jackie as if
he were his brother. We had to sit up at night and the last night I heard Eddie singing Amazing Grace to Jackie.
When he finished Jackie kissed both of Eddie’s hands and spoke his name. He didn’t talk the week before he
died and that’s the name he spoke, Eddie Von, twice. As for my brother, Jerry, he took Jackie everywhere he
went, moved in with him the last two months of life, paid his bills and gave him more care and love and treated
him like a baby. So, Jerry, we don’t have to worry we done everything we could for Jackie. I know God has a
special reward for a brother like you. If you want to see Jackie again, get right with God. Jackie told me he
wanted you to go to church. There will never be any one else like Jackie. A man who touched everyone’s life he
came in contact with. Someday I will join you, Jackie. I hope I leave this world as you did, with a big smile on my

   I love you Jackie. Your Sis, Sharon.


   Jackie Moore was born on August 6th, 1946 and passed away on February 12th, 2006. Jackie knew we
were all sick, but that did not stop us from loving him and helping him with his illness. Hi! I am Deb his “Baby
Sister.” I did the best I could to help him with his illness. I would feed and sit with him. I loved you so very much,

   Love, Deb
   God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be.So He put his arms around himand whispered, “Come
With Me”.With tearful eyes we watchedhim suffer, and saw him fade away.Although we loved him dearly,we
could not make him stay.A golden heart stopped beating,hard working hands to rest.God broke our hearts to
prove to us;“He only takes the best”.
Jackie Merel Moore