1. The Association shall open and close with prayer.

2. The moderator and assistant moderator, clerk and assistant clerk, shall be chosen by the suffrage of the members present.

3. Only one member shall speak at a time, and shall rise from his seat and address the moderator when he is about to speak.

4. The person thus speaking shall not be interrupted in his speech by anyone except the moderator until he is done.

5. He shall strictly adhere to his subject and in no wise reflect on the preceding speaker, but define his ideas on the proposition for debate, so far as he can.

6. No person shall abruptly absent himself from the Association without leave of the same.

7. No person shall rise and speak more than three times on any subject without permission from the Association.

8. No member of the Association shall have the liberty to laugh during the sitting of the same, nor whisper in time of public speech.

9. No member shall address another in any other form or term than that of "Brother."

10. The moderator shall not interrupt a brother or prohibit him from speaking until he gives his views on the subject unless he shall violate the Rules of Decorum.

11. The names of the several members of the Association shall be enrolled by the clerk, and called as often as the Association may require.

12. The moderator shall be entitled to the same privileges of speech as any other member, provided the chair be filled, but he shall have no vote unless the Association be equally divided, in which event he shall give the deciding vote.

13. Any member who shall willfully and knowingly violate any of these rules shall be reprimanded by the Association as it may think proper.