Andy Wright

     Andy Wright, son of the late Coy and Jessie Stewart
Wright was born on March 21, 1947. He entered eternal
life on August 27, 2005 at the Whitesburg Appalachian
Regional Healthcare Center, being 58 years, 5 months,
and 6 days of age at the time of his passing.
A sister, Anna Belle Wright of Roxana, Kentucky, and a brother, Billy Wayne Wright of
Louisville, Kentucky survive Andy, along with a host of other relatives
and friends who mourn his passing.
     His mother, Jessie, his father, Coy, and a brother, John Douglas,
preceded him in death.
     Brother Andy started losing his sight early in his life and by the
time he was a teenager he was blind. Being blind didn’t keep Brother
Andy from being a very skilled craftsman. He enjoyed working with
wood and was able to build anything he wanted to.
     Brother Andy was a humble, gentle man. In all the years I knew
him I never heard him talk bad about anyone. In all of his sickness
and pain he didn’t complain.
     Many years ago Brother Andy came to understand that being a
good, humble man wasn’t enough to get him salvation. He realized
that he must repent and be born again. He called upon the Lord, begging
for mercy and the Lord heard his plea and granted him eternal
     Brother Andy joined the Tolson Creek Church on September 25,
1994 and was baptized on the 4th Sunday of October in 1994. He
was a faithful member, attending as long as his health permitted.
Brother Andy has a special friend and brother in the Lord, Brother
Marshall Roark, who visited him often and sat with him in church.
He also helped him when he needed help.
     We all love and will miss Brother Andy, but we can rejoice in the
knowledge that although Brother Andy was blind for many years;
the sight he is seeing with his new eyes is far more beautiful than
anything he could have seen with natural eyes.
     Rest for awhile, Brother Andy, and enjoy the comforts of the
Lord. We’ll join you soon.