Arnold Jent

     It has already been a long hard winter. The hills
are barren. The wind is cold.  The creatures of nature
search for morsels of food.  The shadows are long. The
joys of life are far away.  Things will never be the
same again and we are so sad. But in the paradise of
God another soldier has seen glory. No clouds, no rain, no sickness
and no pain.
     Arnold Jent was born into the home of the late Wiley and Tallie
Gayhart Jent on November 27, 1918. He passed from this life on
December 20, 2004 at his residence. His 86 years and 23 days were
filled with that which makes a family proud.
     Arnold was a hard working man. His way was a true and genuine
way. He was a quiet man, but when he spoke wisdom came forth.
Arnold first married Faye Smith and to this union Brenda was
born. After Faye went to be with Jesus, Arnold married Irene Fields
Caudill. “Arnold and Irene” had that special ring of happiness.
Arnold was not only a father to Brenda but to all of Irene’s children,
the grandchildren and in-laws as well as neighbors and friends.
In September, 1974 Arnold told how he got in trouble over his
sins, how he prayed and how the Lord saved his soul. He joined the
Little Dove Church and was baptized in October. In April, 1998 he
brought his membership to the Mount Olivet Church. He loved the
Lord and served his church until the end.
     Arnold is survived by Irene, his wife of 27 years; 1 daughter,
Brenda and husband, Charles Gibson; and 3 grandchildren, Scott
Gibson, Brett Gibson, and Matt Gibson. He is also survived by stepchildren:
Ronney and wife, Mary Caudill, and Debbie and husband,
Buck Adams, as well as 4 step grandchildren, Janet Ridener, Emily
Adams, David Combs and Benjie Caudill, and 3 step great grandchildren,
Ethan Combs, Haley Ridener, and Stephanie Caudill.
     Arnold is also survived by 1 brother, Cleo Jent, and 2 sisters, Jo
Reynolds and Louise Miller. He was preceded in death by 1 step
daughter, Linda Combs.
     Arnold leaves behind two of the best of friends, Devon and Allie
Slone. Their love and support, whether day or night, was admired by
     The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, that good man
walks uprightly before the Lord and before his neighbors. He reaches
forth His hands to the needy. His doors are open to those that love the
Lord. He is gentle and he is genuine.
     We will miss his sweet smile and his Christian humor. We will
miss his steady hand and wise council. But, let us long remember
that his works are not dead. Surely they will follow after him. His
life was about one message-meet me in Heaven some day.
I miss Arnold, but I know he is better off and out of his suffering.
What I miss about him most was his kidding. He was in the hospital
and Dr. Murad came in, Arnold got out of bed and saluted him. It got
the doctor so bad it took him a few minutes to salute him back. Brother
Howard came in, I didn’t see Arnold wink at Howard, Arnold looked
at me and told me he didn’t know him. Then a few minutes later he
started grinning.
     God saw that Arnold was getting tired and a cure was not to be.
So, he put his arms around Arnold and whispered, “Come with me.”
With tearful eyes we watched him suffer and saw him fade away.
Although we love him dearly, we could not make him stay. A heart
stopped beating; hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to
prove to us that He only takes the best.
     Written by Irene Jent.

Papaw was a great papaw to me. He was the best papaw in the
world. I will always remember papaw. He nicknamed me Darthulee.
     Your granddaughter, Emily.