Belle Jent

     Belle Jent of Carcassonne passed away on Friday, April
2, 2004 at her residence. Belle was the daughter of the
late Hampton and Maggie Shepherd Bailey. She was
born on October 1, 1919, being 84 years, 6 months and 1
day of age at the time of her passing. Belle was the
widow of Tommy Jent.
     Surviving are 5 sons, Truman Jent of Carcassone, Roger Jent of
Carcassonne, Raymond Jent of Blackey, Beckham Jent of South Lyon,
Michigan and Crit Jent of Coldwater, Michigan; 4 daughters, Alice
Combs of Redfox, Lillian Combs of Carcassonne, Josie Ison of
Lewisburg, Ohio and Margaret Brown of Carcassonne; 43 grandchildren,
66 great grandchildren, 9 great-great grandchildren, along
with a host of other relatives and friends to mourn her passing. Belle
was preceded in death by 5 daughters: Helen Jent, Joan Jent, Sue
Jent, Mable Collins and Jessie Collins and 1 son, Danny Jent. She
joined the Bull Creek Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized
in 1949.

God saw she was tired,
A cure was not meant to be,
So He put His arms around her,
And whispered, “Come with Me.”
With tearful eyes we watched her suffer,
And saw her fade away,
Although we love her dearly,
We could not make her stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard-working hands laid to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
That He only takes the best.

     Sara Belle Jent is my grandmother; Lillian Combs, being my
mother, is one of fifteen children. Belle has left us with a great inheritance
and legacy, one that is far superior to any worldly material
inheritance. She left us an example of great faith. In her life she saw
many troubles. She lost her beloved husband at such a young age and
6 of their precious children. She also lost 2 homes to fire and has
lived through many years of physical sickness but never lost her faith
through her diabetes, heart attacks, ulcers, etc. She had many times
when she could have given up and become downcast, but through it
all she never wavered in the faith that the Lord gave her. Her faith
was her source of strength. She, at times, was ornery and stubborn,
but could you blame her? Even our family didn’t live by her. I could
see her great faith. I thought of her as Grandma Abraham, because
she had the kind of faith as Abraham who was the father of faith. So
allow her legacy, her gift of faith, to dwell in you, her children, grandchildren
and great grandchildren and those who loved Belle Jent. It
is her great inheritance to us. Out of her entire life to look at Belle
Jent is to look at a life of faith, and what greater things is to be said of
     She has left this rich inheritance to us. So stir up that gift that is
in you by that same faith that was in Belle.

     Written by the family of Belle Jent,
     Margaret Brown, Darlene Jent.