Clarice Stiltner Branham

      It is with a deep love we will attempt to write an
obituary of our dear mother.
      She was born on December 8, 1921 and passed on to be
with the Lord on December 20, 2004. Preceding her in
death was our beloved father, Julius Branham, who
was killed in a mining accident on February 14, 1974 while trying to
do what the Bible said, “earn your living by the sweat of his brow.”
      He did this in order to care for our mother and us children.
Our mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on the 2nd
Sunday in June, 1971, and was a kind and faithful member until her
passing. We miss her, but we understand that she is resting and waiting
for that resurrection morning. She has 4 children; three of whom
united with the Old Regular Baptist Church and God while she was
living. The children being 3 boys, Holly, Larry, and J.C. Branham
and one daughter, Mary Ann Thacker. Mom lived the life and walked
a Christian life before people. We could never say all of the good
things on paper about mom.
      Mom always welcomed everyone to her home and tried to make
them feel as welcome as she possibly could. Mom always loved to
see people coming to her home. She would do her very best to prepare
something for them to eat. Mom loved to attend church. She
would always look forward to Saturday and Sunday. She would always
be up and ready to go by the time J.C. would get out to the
house. She would always meet him at the kitchen door ready to go.
Mom was very proud of her two sons that were already in church.
Mom got down sick and wasn’t able to go to church very much in her
last year. She would want the members of the church to come and
visit her at home. Mom would say that she wanted people to pray
that she would get well enough to go to church. I believe that mom
was a woman that trusted in God because I would often see her sit
ting around with her head bowed like she was asleep, but I know that
she was praying to God in Heaven. Mom battled cancer almost a
year. Her children thought that she would continue to get better. But,
God had other plans for our mother. I know that she is now looking
down from Heaven, smiling and rejoicing.

      Written by her two beloved sons, Larry and J.C. Branham