Cornelius Deel

    It’s with much sorrow and grief that I try to write
an obituary of my dear husband, Cornelius Deel, who
passed away on September 3, 2004. He was the son of
Bart Deel and Jocie Owens Deel. He was 71 years, 7
months and 21 days old. He was preceded in death by his
parents and three brothers, Arthur Deel, Herbert Deel, and Harold
Deel. One sister and one brother have passed away during the past
year, they were Margaret O’Quinn and James Arville Deel. He is
survived by his wife, Jean Deel; two daughters, Karen Christian of
Vansant, Virginia and Tammy Yates of Vansant, Virginia; two sons,
Michael Deel of Grundy, Virginia and Blaine Deel of Vansant, Virginia;
four sisters, Martha Rife of Haysi, Virginia, Birchie Fuller of
Tazewell, Virginia, Lona Blankenship of Grundy, Virginia and Elva
J. Dales of Greensprings, Ohio; and one brother, Andy Deel of
Freeport, Pennsylvania. He had been a member of the Old Regular
Baptist Church for 41 years where he was a faithful member until his
death. He loved the Lord and talked about Him to everyone he met.
He was a wonderful Christian man who would help anyone that
needed him. He had a heart problem for 24 years but never complained.
During the last few months of his life he talked about his
death a lot. Once he was in the hospital where he had a vision of a
golden slipper which appeared before his face. He asked the Lord
where the other one was and He told him that he couldn’t have it yet.
I believe he has the other one now and, although the children and I
miss him so much, we feel that he is resting in the place the Lord has
prepared for those that love and serve Him.

     Written by his loving wife, Jean Deel.