Delphia Gregory Cox

     It is with much sadness and a broken heart that I try
to write of Mommy. She was born on April 21, 1930 in
Rowan County, Kentucky and was the daughter of the
late James Matthew and Mary Tennie Caudill Gregory.
She was married to Donald Cox on September
3, 1953 in Maysville, Kentucky. They had 3 daughters, Brenda (Dennis)
Cox Rison of Beavercreek, Ohio, Anita (Wilbur) Cox Thompson
of Hillsboro, Kentucky and Donna (Thomas) Cox Garner of
Dayton, Ohio. She also leaves to mourn her passing 8 grandchildren,
10 great grandchildren, three brothers and two sisters.
     She meant the world to her family and the silence of her sweet
voice is almost deafening at times. Mommy was one of those people
that once you met her you never ever forgot her. Mommy was saved
at her home in Beavercreek, Ohio in October of 1980. She was baptized
by ministers of the Old Regular Baptist Church, Elders Tennis
Sturgill and Melvin Watts. She was baptized in the little Miami River
in Beavercreek, Ohio. From that time on she was on top of the world.
She couldn’t do enough to help the church and her brothers and sisters
of the church. Any time she heard about someone needing help,
Mommy was one of the first ones at the door whether it was to work,
give money or just lend a shoulder to cry on. That’s just the type of
person Mommy was. She was a lot like that even before she joined
the church, but when the Lord saved her, she just couldn’t do enough
for everyone she met.
     Sadly, though, in June of 1997 we thought our world had
crumbled. That’s when mommy had a crippling stroke. She lost the
use of her left hand and she thought her world would stop also. Because
she could no longer do things on her own, she felt like a burden
to her family. Lord knows, that was never the case. What her
family did for her was nothing more than what she would have done
for them had the tables been turned.
     The most heartbreaking time, however, was when Mommy’s mind
started to fail her. We never had such a helpless feeling in our lives.
We did what we could for her, but the rest was up to her Lord Jesus.
More and more as the end neared, you could hear her asking the
Lord to take her home and to look after her good companion and her
children. She talked about going home from the day she was saved,
but after her stroke, her longing became stronger and stronger.
     The last time Mommy attended church was the weekend communion
in November of 2003 at the Little Mary Church, which I’ll
never forget. It was the last time she had the strength to bend and
wash her sisters feet. It was such a blessing to her and even more so
to this daughter who watched and tried to help keep her steady so she
wouldn’t fall.
     To Mommy’s earthly brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters
of the Little Mary Church, House of Prayer Church in
Beavercreek, and Mt. Sterling Church, you will never know what
your visits meant to Mommy when she become partially and later
permanently bedfast and unable to attend church. She loved you all
with every ounce of her being and loved to hear your voices singing
the old songs of Zion. She said often that your voices sounded like
the very angels of Heaven.
     To Daddy, the hardest part for Brenda and me during those last
few weeks was watching the hurt and sadness in your eyes and knowing
there wasn’t one thing we could do to ease it. Your love for
Mommy shone all around her to the very end and I know she felt it.
That’s why she opened her eyes. So she could tell you she knew and
to say goodbye.
     Sisters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I had
the privilege of being able to take communion with and wash
Mommy’s feet several times, and I will never be able in this lifetime
to explain the heart-felt blessing from above that I received being
able to do that. I can only hope that you will be able to know that
feeling on the other side of Jordan. I know that Mommy’s dying wish
was to know that she would see her family again in Heaven. I also
know that when our time comes, she will be standing with outstretched
arms waiting to greet us there, just as she did so many times here on
earth. Make arrangements this day to see her again so our chain will
remain unbroken.
     Written by her heartbroken daughter, Anita.