Etta May Mullins

     Etta May “Moma Ettie” Mullins was the daughter of
Millie and James Mullins.  She was preceded in death
by three of her four children, Hazel LaBombard, Willie J.
Mullins and Walter C. Mullins. Leaving to miss
her, is a daughter, Helen M. Church, twenty grandchildren,
and great and great-great grandchildren to numerous to count.
She married Thomas Jefferson Mullins at the age of sixteen and
lost Daddy Tom in November, 1964. She later married Judd Honeycutt
and was well cared for until his passing. She chose to live the rest of
her life as Mullins.
     In the summer of 1963, she followed her faith to the water along
with her daughters, Hazel and Helen. They were baptized by her
son-in-law, Elder Dexter Church, and she held to the cross until her
     “Moma Ettie” left us all with a pocket full of fond memories,
especially memories of a second breakfast for all her grandchildren
when we gathered at her house to catch the school bus on Lynn Camp.
We played in her yard more than our own, we were always welcomed
at the table, and every now and then, “you youngens better
not play in my flowers.”
     Sometime around 1995, she became unable to care for herself.
Sister Helen and Brother Dexter took her to Big Ridge until Moma’s
stroke. She was lovingly cared for by her grandson, Thomas La
Bombare of Callahan, Florida, until her hospitalization shortly before
her 99th birthday. Her Savior very gently dimmed the light on
September 13, 2004. On September 15, he brought her home.
The grieving is dulled by the knowledge of salvation. Sleep gently,
dear one, and meet us at the gate.

     With love, granddaughter, Sharon Carver,
and daughter, Helen Church