Ezzie Blair

     It is with an empty heart, but also a feeling of peace,
that we write Mother’s obituary. Our mother, Ezzie
Blair, was born on June 20, 1918. She was the daughter
of Grover and Serena Frances. She had eight sisters
and five brothers.
     She married our daddy, William McKinley Blair, on March 20, 1940. They had eight children,
three of whom preceded her in death. She lost her husband and our beloved daddy in 1970.
      Mother joined the Little Home Church in the early 1950’s. She
looked forward to going to church and loved her church family very
      Mother left this world on May 14, 2005, making her stay here on
earth eighty-six years, ten months and twenty-three days.
I remember as a child all the family sitting around the fireplace,
Mama would be sewing and working on her quilts as she often did.
Mama was no stranger to hard work. She cooked for neighbors and
friends. She reached out to people in need and wanted to help them
when she could.
      Our mother’s passing has left an emptiness in our lives that time
cannot heal. She was a special person to us and to the many lives she
touched. Thank you, Mama, for the love and memories you left us.
      We will cherish them each and every day of our lives.

     Written by your children.

Loving Memories
Mama had no fancy castle, just a little mountain home.
She had no crown upon her head, no throne to sit upon.
But as a child around the home many songs I could hear her sing.
Mama had no earthly riches, but to me she was a queen.
She had no silk or satin, just a plain dress she wore,
She had no rings upon her hands;
from working they were calloused and sore.
But late at night to my fevered brow her hand felt so good to me.
Standing by my bed with an oil light, she was praying to the King.
She had no fancy pillow, just a feathered one made by hand.
But the look I saw on Mama’s face,
I knew old Jordan she would span.
And as the years rolled swiftly by,
“Precious Memories” I could hear her sing.
Jesus rolled out the golden carpet and my Mama met the King.