Heath Dewayne Adkins

     It is with a sad and broken heart, we will try to
write an obituary of our beloved nephew, Bo. He was
one of a kind. He was so dear to us, he brightened our
days. I guess we all took it for granted that he would be
with us always, until the morning of May 1st, 2005.
Our Lord needed an angel and he took Bo. 
     Bo was born in Dayton, Ohio on August 19th, 1968. He departed
this life on May 1st, 2005, making his stay on earth 36 years, 3 months,
and 18 days. He was the son of the late Evan and Loretta (Casebolt)
Adkins. He had two brothers, Merl Adkins and Ervin Drew Adkins
III; and two sisters, Becky (Jeff) Randolph of North Carolina and
Phoebe Adkins. Also surviving are five uncles and five aunts. Bo
loved his music, his Pepsi’s and his chew. That is what he lived for.
So, Bo, we are not going to say good-bye, but sleep on until we meet
again up in Heavens land.

     Written by your aunts and uncles.