James Clell Cornett
The sounds of years gone by are heard no more.
The scenes have all changed.  The culture and habits and
traditions are all new. Yet, the aching empty void is
still the same and hurts so much.

James Clell Cornett was born the ninth of twelve children into the home of the late
Arch and Artie Back Cornett on March 16, 1929. He passed from this life
on May 26, 2005, making his life on earth 76 years, 2 months and 10
days. Clell’s role in the family was very profound. He was a leader.

He got things done. In his work he was trusted with supervisory responsibilities.
As a young man Clell fell in love and married Jean Croucher on
December 23, 1953. Few have been closer than Jean and Clell. Even
their names together, Jean and Clell, had that special ring. The few
days and nights of their fifty one years that they spent apart could be
quickly counted.

The Croucher family became his family and he became their family.
Clell and Jean brought about a special relationship between the
Cornetts and Crouchers that is far reaching.

Clell was a veteran of the Korean War. He openly and frequently
proclaimed that prayers of righteousness brought him home safely.
His bravery earned him the Bronze Star. He was small in stature but
a mighty big man.

On Sunday, August 4, 1963 Clell told of his experience of salvation and joined the
Mount Olivet Old Regular Baptist Church. That day he was baptized and partook of
the unleavened bread, the fruit of the vine and washed his brethern’s feet. He loved
his church and proved it by many gifts.  One of the great questions for all humanity
is: Who is my neighbor?

If all that Jean and Clell have given away could be heaped in a pile it would be
awesome. And this does not include those intangible things that are so dear and so
freely given. Their retirement years were filled with volunteer work. There was the
Wellness Center, the Red Cross, the Jewish Hospital and many others. They have
been called the A-team.

Their “Other Family” of  walkers at Jefferson Mall has been so rewarding to them
and they to all the others.

In addition to Jean, the love of his life, Clell is survived by: 3 brothers, Lilly Blaine
Cornett and his wife, Helen, of Falmouth, Ky., Darrel Dean Cornett of Arab Al., and
Elwood Cornett and his wife, Kathy, of Blackey, Ky. and 1 sister, Mildred Strunk and
her husband, Walter, of Somerset, Ky., as well as a host of nieces and nephews. He
is also survived by the Croucher family, as well as, a family of special neighbors, a
family of volunteers, a family of walkers at Jefferson
Mall and many other friends and relations.

Clell was preceded in death by: 5 brothers: Varge, Verlon, Emil, Vance, and Cleo,
and 2 sisters: Avis Stewart and Eunice Bates.

The old house is dark and cold. It will never be the same again.
The fields that grew our food are all grown up. This short span of life
so quickly has gone. All that we have left is the hope of glory.