James "Jr." Morris Cornett

     Jr. was born on August 5th of 1952. He departed from this earth
on April 12th of 2003, making his stay here on earth 50 years, 4
months and 7 days. He was the first-born child to Verlin “Bud” Cornett
and Sarah Frances Miniard Cornett. At the time of his passing he
was survived by his parents, father, Verlin “Bud” Cornett, and mother,
Sarah Frances Miniard Cornett; 1 brother, Michael Anthony Cornett;
1 sister-in-law (wife of Michael) Katie, who grieved greatly because
of his passing; one niece, 2 great nieces, 1 great nephew; and a host
of family and friends. He was loved very much and had a lot of friends.
Jr. loved his Aunt Ruby Watts dearly and enjoyed visiting and talking with her.
His niece, Casi, and great niece, Courtney, he also loved dearly. But his great
niece, Courtney, just melted his heart. She was special to
him and they were very close. He looked forward to her coming and staying with us so he
could spend time with her.
     Jr. was 4 1/2 years old when his little sister, Sarah Ann, was born.
She was a beautiful baby. She was a perfectly healthy, 8 lbs and 2
oz., baby. The doctor let her strangle on fluid, which led to her death
on February 27th of 1957. This left him being our only child until he
was 10 years old. The loss of Sarah Ann grieved us all. He always
said, “I wonder what she would have looked like if we had gotten to
keep her.” He so longed to see her someday. When he was 10, we
had him a baby brother. This just overjoyed him so much that he had
to name his little brother himself. He named him Michael Anthony
and he became his heart and soul. He would do anything for him and
always did. They cherished one another.
     Mike always looked up to his big brother. Jr. never had any children,
but always said that Michael felt like his own because they
were so close. Big brother was a hero in Michael’s eyes. He always
watched over Michael, guided and protected him. I believe he still
does, only now being his guardian angel.
     Jr. was always a very sweet and loving child. He stayed that way
all his life. I believe he is now in Heaven, because he told me the
Lord had saved him. He was going to join the church and be baptized
our next church time, but the Lord seen fit to call him home before
he got to. I believe he is now in Heaven with Jesus. I also believe his
loving wife, Sonja, his wonderful dad and little baby sister are there
with him. Bud never saw a well day after the loss of our first-born
son. But, I believe they are reunited in Heaven and await their loved
ones to join them.
     Jr. was my darling son and was the greatest friend a mom could
every have. He touched all of our lives and left a lasting impression
on us all. His sweet smile will always be embedded in our memories.
But I believe in my heart, we will all get to be together again in
Heaven, and we’ll never have to part again.

     Written by his mother, Sarah Frances Cornett.