Sally Singleton

      With a very thankful heart for knowing such a
wonderful Christian, I will try to write the obituary of
Sister Sally Singleton. Knott County never had a better
citizen or the Indian Bottom Association never had a better
     She was born on February 8th in 1903. She was a very hard worker in her early years. She
met and married Ira Singleton on February 12th, 1919. After the
marriage, Ira and Sally had eleven children. Five of these children
died before Sister Sally: Marie Singleton, Christy Young, Dorothy
Knox, Sonia Hall and Donald Singleton. Ira Singleton, her husband,
died on August 21st of 1970. All of these left a good hope in the
     Sister Sally often told me good stories about how Ira changed
after she got saved and joined the Clear Creek Church in 1947. Later
she moved her membership to Clear Fork and remained a good member
until her death.
     I hope that she will get to meet the rest of her children in Heaven.
I could write for hours, or talk to anyone even longer, about our wonderful
visits and our blessed phone calls, but allow me to just say
this: she is truly missed, in a very good way, by her friends, by her
family, by her church and by me.

     Written by Elder Charles T. Shepherd.