Sonja G. Caudill Cornett

     Sonja was the daughter of Burley and Cindi Damron
Caudill. She was born on June 23rd of 1952. The Lord
called her home on August 8th of 2004. She left to
mourn her death: 4 brothers, Roger, Jeffery, Robert and
Phillip Caudill; 1 sister, Linda Sue Back; 2 brothers-in-law, Michael A. Cornett and Steven
D. Back; and 1 special sister-in-law, Bobbie Ashbey Caudill (wife of
Jeffery). Sonja loved Bobbie so much. She also left a mother-in-law,
Sarah Frances Cornett, who misses her greatly. She also left a host of
cousins, relatives and friends.
     Sonja always looked forward to Bobbie and me coming to visit
her and taking care of her. We gave her all the care and love that we
could in her battle with sickness. Sonja’s deceased loving husband,
Jr. Cornett, always said, “Please take care of her if something happens
to me before it does her.” I think Jr. would have been proud of
Bobbie and me.
     Sonja was a registered nurse and loved her work. She worked for
as long as her health held up. She met a lot of people and made many
friends. She loved arts and crafts, and was a perfect hand to decorate.
She showed off this skill of decorating when she and Jr. built a beautiful
home. She got so sick she wasn’t able to keep house before the
new wore off. Bud and I did everything that we could to help maintain
the house and make her comfortable as long as she lived. She
has a home now that she don’t have to worry about thieves or robbers
breaking in and taking what she and Jr. worked so hard for. Her
new home is a home in Heaven.
     Sonja was a Christian. She belonged to the Big Leatherwood
Church. She had belonged there since May 12th of 1974. She wanted
nothing more than to go be with Jesus. She also could not wait to see
her Jr. She believed in her heart that Jr. would be in Heaven. She
wanted so much for him and her to be together again, without all the
sickness they had endured here on earth. She said, “If two people
every loved each other, we do.” I have a hope that she is there with
all her loved ones and deceased family.
     Written by her mother-in-law, Sarah Frances Cornett.