Verlin "Bud" Cornett

     With the help of the Lord, I will try to write this
obituary of my husband, Verlin “Bud” Cornett. Bud
was born to Hobert and Ada Pratt Cornett on August 18th
of 1926, on Big Leatherwood, near Slemp, Kentucky.
The Lord called him home on March 12th of 2005, making his
stay here on earth 78 years, 6 months and 12 days. He left behind to
mourn his death a wife of 54 years, Sarah Frances Miniard Cornett; 1
son, Michael Anthony Cornett; 2 brothers, Delmar and Colman Cornett;
1 sister, Ruby Cornett Watts; 1 grand daughter and 4 great grandchildren;
and a host of relatives and friends.
     Bud and I were blessed with 3 wonderful children. Our first-born
was a son, James “Jr.” Morris Cornett, who preceded his dad in death
on April 12th 2003. The second born was a daughter, Sarah Ann
 Cornett, who preceded her dad in death on February 27th of 1957.
Our third born was also a son, Michael Anthony Cornett, who now
lives with his wife, Katie, at Slemp, Kentucky. His granddaughter
and great grandchildren were very special to him. He loved them so
much. He loved for them to come and visit and stay with us.
     Bud was a dedicated Christian man. He loved his home church
and everyone in it. He was willing to do whatever he could to help
and support it. He always made friends wherever he went. But, he
was my best friend and I was his. He was a very amusing person. He
liked to talk about all the things he had done with his friends in his
younger days. But his best subject was the Bible. He loved to talk
about the Lord and how he desired to see his Savior some day. I
believe he now knows all about those things he desired so much to
see. The sweet smile on his face and all the good things he told me
while he was sick comforts me and makes me believe that he is now
with the Lord. He told me he wanted to see Jesus and our two children
more than anything. He also told me to tell our son, Michael,
not to grieve for him, but he also wanted to meet him in Heaven
some sweet day. I put on his tombstone just as he had asked me to do:
“For us to meet him in Heaven...”
     Bud joined the church and was baptized on a special day, Easter
Sunday, April 15th of 1973. I had been in church for 1 year and 2
weeks when he joined. I had prayed every night and day for him to
be saved, and I believed in my heart that he would be. I knew it
would make our lives better and our home a happier place. It sure
paid off, because of all the heartaches and tragedies we’ve encountered,
the Lord has helped us through them all. He was also a deacon
of the Big Leatherwood Church for 33 years and was honored to
serve this office.
     Bud was a very smart and intelligent man. He worked long and
hard. He worked for as long as he was able. He enjoyed working and
loved his work. He retired from Kentucky River Coal and Land Company.
He was a certified engineer and coal surveyor. He was also a
coal operator and had been in the mining business for himself since
1974. He held 3 jobs at once, and was also owner and operator of
Leatherwood Trucking Company. He was still operating and running
the trucking company when he passed away. He was also an
airplane pilot, and so was our son, Jr.. They loved to fly and travel.
They had visited several different countries and enjoyed it so much.
I wouldn’t travel with them, I was more of a home girl. I always
stayed home to take care of the house and tend to the business. I
didn’t want them to worry. I wanted them to have a good time and
enjoy themselves. They stayed gone sometimes as long as a month. I
sure did miss them then, but nothing like I do now. He would always
take me where ever I wanted to go. He enjoyed so much seeing all
the wonders of the world that God gave us and he always wanted to
share it with his sons. He always worked so hard for his family. Yet,
he always tried to spend as much time as he could with me and our
children. We have so many good memories together. When the boys
were young and we just had each other, it was special then and will
always be precious memories to me. I could write on and on about
my sweet dear husband of 54 years and never get tired. But I will see
him and my children again someday in Heaven where we’ll never
have to part again. Like Bud, I want everyone to go to Heaven, but I
especially want all my family to go. I guess that is just the human
nature in us all. We have always been a very close loving family. And
I want us all to be together again in the world that has no end. I have
many love letters that he wrote to me when he was gone on trips, and
he would always say, “Our marriage was made in Heaven,” and I
truly believe that. I believe that Bud and I, along with our children,
will be together again some sweet day in Heaven. He would always
comfort me with these words, referring to our children that had passed
on, “We can’t bring them back, but we can sure go to them.”

     Written by his loving and dedicated wife,
     Sarah Frances Cornett.